Sarah-Neel’s Morning Routine


What I wish I did with my morning:

6:00am Wake up
6:05am Step out on my balcony, greeted by a cool breeze while some birds tie a bow in my hair Cinderella-style
6:10am Consume a Peanut Butter Dream smoothie
6:30am Go for a long walk
7:30am-8:30am Write something brilliant while finishing my Peanut Butter Dream smoothie and finish knowing I’ve accomplished the most important part of the day

sn coffee

What I really do with my morning:

8:00am Wake up
8:10am Bribe myself to do some Jane Fonda style stretches on a towel by putting a cup of coffee on the floor in front of me
8:40am Wish I had a blender to make Peanut Butter Dream smoothie while writing the same three paragraphs
9:40am-10am Wash hair

Sarah-Neel is a grad student living in Istanbul seeking gainful employment in the art world.

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