A Day’s Googles

I love Googling. It feeds the same impulse that motivated me to become a university reference librarian–I like bits of information and seeing how they connect with one another. When we Google we are usually being completely honest with ourselves. I don’t know who that is, how to make that, if this is possible, why something is happening.

Here is a day’s worth of my Google searches. It’s a bit on the short side since I’m currently working part time (ie: not in front of my computer as much). I thought about annotating it, but on second thought I just recommend you replicate the searches if so desired, keeping in mind that my Google knows I live in Washington, DC.

beach drive bicycles

g2 bus schedule

robert groves

reanimation library

rss feed embed blog

do you have to grind chia seeds to get the benefits

john ashberry

machine dreams

Jayne Anne Phillips

raymond carver gravy

jay mcinerney

Rielle Hunter (image search)

brett easton ellis young (image search)

urban outfitters either/or convertible sofa

walnut pesto

vegan pesto

anthony jeselnik (image search)

salad on pizza


rehoboth beach

cute pugs

Anna is a librarian in Washington D.C.

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