Daily habit that I will never, ever give up, no matter how unwholesome it is: Eating sweets and watching TV before I go to bed. Usually, like, right before I go to bed.

Daily habit that makes me feel smug: Fixing three mostly healthy meals for myself and my family.*

Daily habit about which I am proud, but feel embarrassed to discuss in terms of pride: Cleaning one room a day, tidying the rest of the house daily.**

Daily habit that fills me with self-loathing and is no fun at all any more: Facebookin’. More on this later.

Daily habit to which I aspire: Spending at least four hours on my dissertation and/or teaching. This might not happen for a while.

Daily habit of Dana’s of which I am jealous: Reading the news every day. And not just little sniplets on Twitter or the Daily Show.

*Is this something to feel smug about? I go back and forth on this. One side of me is like, get over yourself, adults do this all the time. Another part of me is like, this is real work, one of many domestic duties that is rarely acknowledged as real work outside the home. And then I’m like, a lot of my ability and desire to cook so much is a result of my privilege, so the smugness is completely uncool of me.

**This one is even knottier than the cooking thing, right? Because the ability to maintain a spotless house is, again, a great deal the result of privilege (this one mostly in terms of time). But, dammit, it’s a lot of work. I WANT MY GOLD STARS. Ugh, I’m such an a&#hole.


Christiane is a mother and graduate student living in Indiana.

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