Free Exercise -Cardio Edition

Free cardio is theoretically easy, it is called walking and running. And if you really want to take your free cardio to the next level, I highly suggest getting yourself a jump rope and taking it to the park. 15 minutes of jump roping is as good as a 30 minute run.
But, if you are like me, and you are tired of the endless routine of slopping on sunscreen, sweating it off, and having to reapply, then cardio inside is really essential.
Also, I tend to live in apartments where I can really annoy my neighbors when I jump around. So here are some almost silent, free, indoor-cardio workouts. Once again the patter of the instructors is pretty unbearable, so I highly suggest muting these wierdos and putting on your own music.

Dana is a graduate student and nanny in Brooklyn.

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