Silver Bullet


Why do I look so happy in this photo? Is it because it is my wedding day and I just got my hair done with my grandmother and mother? Maybe. Or maybe it is because I am wearing my favorite shirt. The shirt that looks good with EVERYTHING. I have worn this shirt/sweatshirt with fake jewels and gone to fancy events, I have worn this shirt to teach (with a nice pair of black slacks), and I often wear this shirt to the library (where things can get chilly).


Some of the virtues of this shirt: the raglan cut makes my broad shoulders look less manly, the fit is loose but does not hide the shape of the body, the slight crop makes it a natural with high-waisted pants and skirts, and finally ,it is a three-season fabric.

Most importantly, Alternative Apparel keeps making it! Not that I have needed to buy another one. I bought this shirt four years ago, and it has not worn out despite constant wear. I am planning on buying another five this fall in case they do stop making it.

I dream of finding the perfect uniform so that I never have to think about what to wear and always look okay. This is an ever receding horizon, but this shirt gives me hope.

Dana is a graduate student and nanny in Brooklyn.

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