Sitting at your vanity, massaging your face with cold cream, smizing at yourself . . . these are the simple pleasures of life. But what most effectively will help your face not fall off?

Christiane and I have often discussed our moisturizing techniques and there is one thing that we really have come to love: Jojoba oil!

The pros: jojoba oil is great for people with weird skin (I have chronic acne and I have heard it is great for people with Rosacea).

If you have acne, you are probably dealing with epically dry skin from all the effective treatments (benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, salycilic acid etc.), and it is important to keep your skin from becoming so dry that the irritation actually causes more acne. Jojoba does the job and comes with a ton of Vitamin E which helps heal the scars left behind by the inflammation. It also helps the skin regulate its own oil production.

Cons: I have heard from interested parties that I look/smell/feel like a salad after I apply it.


However, oils only moisturize the skin by creating a barrier that stops evaporation of water from the skin surface. Other ingredients are needed to actually bind water to the skin: hyaluronic acid, demithicone, glycerin (although in very dry weather it can actually pull water away from the skin) are all super good at this.

So I highly recommend making your moisturizing regime even longer and applying a lotion like CeraVe PM (with lots of hyaluronic acid and glycerin and even ceramides) on top of your jojoba oil.

As for antioxidants, I don’t really understand what they are. They keep your face from rusting right?

Dana is a graduate student and nanny in Brooklyn.

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