Junk Day

Most days I eat healthy food, but one day a week I eat my feelings. Lately, my affectual hunger has manifested in doughnuts. Here is what I have learned from my Saturday doughnuts:

1. when you have only one doughnut day a week, the doughnut actually tastes less tasty. Anticipation = let down. Case in point, this peanut butter raised doughnut with banana cream from the Doughnut Plant:


All I could think during the consumption was, this should be more peanut-y, more cream-filled more IMPORTANT.

2. The tyrrany of a once a week treat is picking the right flavor. As soon as the flavor has been selected and ordered you know that you were wrong.


It was the peach, damn it. The peach was the right choice. And now it is too late.

3. Raised donuts seem exciting because they are bigger, but that is wrong, they are merely a mirage of savory dough hiding the air within.

Lessons: eat a cake doughnut everyday.

Dana is a graduate student and nanny in Brooklyn.

3 thoughts on “Junk Day

  1. We must be on a similar fatty/starchy/sugary wavelength, because I’ve been both fighting and giving into periodic doughnut urges of late. I can’t eat just one at a time, so I don’t have the tyranny of flavor problem. However, I can never just enjoy eating the doughnut, and am always thinking about how soon it will be finished, how sh$%ty I’ll probably feel afterward and how many more I think I can stomach. And after eating two (okay, three) I feel really gross but am also STILL F*&^ING HUNGRY. It’s never, ever enough. I always remind myself of this when debating whether or not to give into the urge, but the doughnut craving is so specific, and so unable to be sated by any other confection that I often find myself surrendering once again. F*&^ doughnuts, man. -CW

    • CW:
      1. have as many F*&%^ING doughnuts as you want! But without coffee doughnuts are going to make you feel gross. What else can you cut it with? Maybe a tall glass of milk?
      2. Should we explore the terrifying world of baked doughnuts, also known as “fonuts”?

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