New Fall TV

My fall TV schedule is already very busy, so the arrival of new shows can be a little overwhelming. Should anyone really waste their time with a pilot when there is a new episode of Parks and Rec to watch? Don’t worry, I have watched a bunch of pilots so that you don’t have to.

First, shows that actually might make it onto my rotation:

S.H.I.E.L.D.: This is the new Marvel/Whedon enterprise, and I am surprised to say it is kind of great. It takes everything that is good about Whedon’s participation in the comic book world (his penchant for smart lady characters, fantasy, fun ensemble jokes) but gets rid of the bulk and stupidity of the two hour movies like Avengers.

Masters of Sex: You were probably going to watch it anyway, so I don’t have to sell you on this. But here: sexy science sex, Lizzy Caplan, good pencil skirts in nice cotton-poly blends.

Brooklyn 99: It has just the right amount of Andre to Andy ratio.

Almost Human: All the fun of Data-type story lines, but with better production values.

Trophy Wife: I am probably not going to watch this regularly, but this was surprisingly charming. Michaela Watkins and Marcia Gay Hardin are fantastic, but even Ackerman is kind of good at physical comedy. It might be the Cougar Town of Fall 2013.

And shows I thought I was going to like, but they disappointed:

Hello Ladies: No heart, like Two and Half Men made for HBO (get thee to a better show Merchant!).

Ironside: I watch soapy dramas, and this one could still get better, but it needs about 80% more Pablo Schreiber (it currently has only 15% Pablo Schreiber).

Coming up next: Michael J. Fox, Super Fun Night, Hostages etc.


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