Green Liquid

It is fall, I’m over salads. I eat an insane amount of roasted vegetables, but I am probably supposed to have some fresh vegetables once in a while. Which brings me to my new life solution: the NutriBullet! I never replace a meal with a NutriBullet smoothie but I now have one or two if these between meals everyday. Isn’t this just a smoothie? Can’t you use a blender? I guess. But this gadget liquifies stuff, which means the kale or spinach you add will be “juiced” while keeping all the fiber. 20131019-091055.jpg

20131019-091106.jpgThe ideal recipe includes a cup of greens, frozen fruit to make it cold and creamy, almond butter, and almond milk or water. This should get you a nice teal if you use blueberries (or the color of sadness, if you believe my husband). These photos demonstrate the danger of mixing red and green (=brown). I also enjoy the vibrant green of spinach, green apple, lemon juice and almond milk. Or the more appealing brown of kale, frozen banana, peanut butter, almond milk and tons of cocoa powder and cinnamon.



This strawberry, spinach, coconut water, and peanut butter might have looked like garbage juice, but it was still delicious.

20131019-091541.jpgOther great things about this new gadget: it can blend ice with ease, it comes with tops that allow you to store extras in the fridge, it is insanely easy to clean, and you saved yourself about $400 by not buying a Vitamix.

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