How to have a birthday

1. Tell the people in your life what you want them to do at least two weeks ahead of time. And don’t be coy. If you want your boyfriend to take you to dinner and get you five cupcakes in different flavors, then tell him that. Also specify the bakery. Ambiguity is the enemy of satisfaction.


These are the delightful Baked, NYC cupcakes

2. If you want a party, own it. Invite everyone yourself (don’t put this on your poor roommate). And once again, invite everyone two weeks ahead of time. No more “I thought I didn’t care, but now I want everyone to come out at the last minute tonight.”

3. Spend the majority of your day not working (if you can), and give yourself some “walking around money.” Treat yourself to really stupid and caloric things like US Weekly, nachos for breakfast, two movies in a row at the movie theater, and lip gloss at Sephora. It is less your birthday and more of an Id day.



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