Best Food Blogs

Do I browse these blogs for the “food writing”? No. I am really only into two forms of “food writing”: restaurant reviews for restaurants I’ll probably never go to, and meditations on food trends like yogurt. But a couple of blogs have become excellent resources for dinner ideas and I browse them weekly for this purpose.

Of course, you probably already know about Smitten Kitchen. There are way too many cake recipes on this blog, but once in a while she really nails the simple dinner dish. Case in point, the tomatoes and farro dish we now make all the time. The only thing I add is a bit of truffle oil at the end (because a little smelly shoe taste never hurt any dish).

Photo by Smitten Kitchen

Photo by Smitten Kitchen

Dishing Up Dirt does not take the prettiest photos, or even make very sophisticated dishes. But if you are wondering how to eat about twice as many vegetables every day, her recipes will help you. She is an organic farmer in Oregon so her recipes also provide a kind of guide to eating in season. I like her chickpea stuffed eggplant.

From Dishing Up Dirt

From Dishing Up Dirt

Dinner a Love Story suffers from an overabundance of food writing (for instance endless narratives about the quirky things their children say), but if you just head over to their recipe index they have so many simple and good dinner ideas. They are all about teaching you a technique that you can use over and over. For instance, cooking fish in parchment paper.

Finally, if I am being really honest, no DIY food blog is as good as the corporate Epicurious, which is essentially back issues of Bon Appetit. The great thing about this website is that you can use it to get a new idea in their recipe of the day section, and you can use it to figure out a dish that you already know you want to make. I actually think you become a better cook by looking at three different recipes for the same dish, like roast pork loin, and then figuring out the principles of that dish. Then you tinker with the recipe to suit your needs. Or you can just make their pretty and perfect featured recipes, like this pumpkin salad.




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