Dressing Like a Grown Woman: Bag Edition

For (too) many years, I used a tote bag to carry all of my womanly essentials.* On the days when I dressed casually (most days), the tote bag looked pretty cool. I think. But as I rapidly made my way through my early thirties, I began to wonder if maybe I should transition to a bag that was designed to carry something other than picture books from the library. On occasions that required dressier clothes, the tote bag looked dumb and I had to resort to a purse** which made me feel a bit more put-together, but also a little frumpy. However, any time I attempted to shop for a large, nice-ish bag, I was always quickly bored and also turned off by the quality-to-price ratio.*** So I continued to carry around the tote and missed who knows how many calls because no matter how organized I tried to keep it, turned into a bottomless carpetbag every time the phone rang.

My husband totally rescued me from my bag problems this summer by giving me this for my birthday:

2013-11-10 10.48.58

Isn’t it lovely? Perfectly simple and streamlined, and it works with both my professional clothes and my every day outfits. How he decided upon this wonderful item in the first place, I have no idea. I’ve never dropped any hints, nor is my internet history full of bag searches. He just somehow F*CKING NAILED IT, right?!

This bag (I’m sorry I can’t provide a more specific link–it was on clearance on Amazon and doesn’t seem to be available any more****) is not only a means of helping me look less like a college student and more like the grown-ass woman that I am. It is also–wait for it–super practical:

2013-11-10 10.51.00

I know this is like, grown-up bag 101, but I never cease to be delighted by the little pockets that are perfectly sized for wallet, keys and phone. And it has just the right amount of interior pocket-age and just the right amount of open tote-iness. No more rooting around for my wallet at the checkout line. No more missed calls. Instant access to the pea gravel.

Another reason to consider investing***** in a somewhat expensive bag like this is that I think it’s pretty timeless in terms of fashion (or at the very least, seems like it will carry me through a good five or so trend cycles). And unlike a tote bag or leather-like thing from Target, I’m pretty sure it won’t fall to pieces in a few months.

And best of all, EES SO PRETTY.

*Ten used Kleenex, half a hot dog and some pea gravel.

**Purses are kind of gross, right? Someone convince me I’m wrong.

***$40 for a leather-like thing that will begin to flake immediately and smells like a burning tire? TRY AGAIN TARGET.

****The prices currently listed for similar bags are super high. Definitely wait for  them to go on clearance–I think he paid roughly half to a third of the average listed price for mine.



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