Planning a Week of Meals

I can’t cook dinner every night without a plan, which allows me to buy all the groceries for the week at once. I also don’t get home until 7 at night, which means I have to outsource some of this cooking. I spend a little time on Saturday morning flipping through my best cookbooks and food blogs in order to get inspired. Basic principles: I need to plan to use all meat and fish at the beginning of the week since they shouldn’t be sitting around in my fridge, anything I make needs to take less than 30 min., and every dinner needs at least one substantive vegetable component. Here’s what we are eating this week:


Siracha and lime salmon, with sauteed kale and mashed celeriac, cauliflower, and potatoes (from Gwyneth Paltrow’s “It’s All Good”)



Spaghetti Squash with peanut sauce, brussels sprouts and sauteed shrimp (I’m off this day so I can make this 40 min recipe)


Roast chicken and arugula salad (husband will make this). As simple as it gets: salt and pepper a dry chicken, pop it in 445 oven for 55 min.


Roasted tofu with hoisin sauce, sauteed red peppers and quinoa (husband will make this)


Chard Frittata (from Alice Water’s “The Art of Simple Cooking”)


Go out for pizza



2 thoughts on “Planning a Week of Meals

  1. Wow, this all looks so, so good. I wish I had the discipline to browse cookbooks/blogs to find new recipes. I love cooking itself, but I kind of hate all of the planning and shopping that one has to do beforehand.

    Question about brussels sprouts: do you have a tip for prepping them quickly? I’d love to make them more often, but I find the washing/trimming to be tedious and really time consuming.

  2. My brussels sprouts secret is to buy super small ones. Then you don’t have to trim/cut them at all. Or if I have bigger ones I don’t really do much else except cut off the brown bit on the stem and cut in half. Trimming is not really necessary.

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