One Weird Trick: Skincare

In high school, I had great skin. It was smooth, blemish-free and glowy. Basically hatefully nice. Sometime shortly after graduating though, I started getting massive breakouts. At one point I had a zit on my face that was so big and so deep, my doctor thought it might be a boil. A BOIL. After self-diagnosing rosacea as the root of my skin problems, I started using prescription lotions and the worst of the blemishes went away. However, I was still prone to major breakouts every month, especially in the summer. For ten years or so, I just accepted it as an unavoidable and unfortunate part of life.

A few years ago, though, I started doing some new things that drastically improved the quality of my skin. One of the easiest fixes involved the purchase of ten or so new washcloths. Every time I wash my face, I dry it with a clean cloth. It adds very little to the laundry pile, and I swear it’s helped reduce the breakouts. I also wash my pillow case pretty often, which is a luxury I am able to indulge in because I have a washer and dryer in my home and a small child that produces enough dirty laundry to necessitate more than one washday a week. Anyway, try the washcloth thing if you’re having skin issues.



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