Beauty and Fashion Blogs

I loved when the magazine Lucky was launched because it cut to the chase and just said “here is a product that we are being paid to show you, maybe you would like to buy it.” Similarly the era of blogs and youtube have cut through all the extras of beauty magazines (or “words” as they are called) and mostly delivers images. I applaud this step forward for humanity. This world is also populated by women who are “doing it themselves,” which means they spend their own time and money to show you all the different shades of a NARS lip crayon. Why? Well, what is the post-industrial age if not an impressive trick in which corporations get non-employees to do their labor for free?

Here is what I want from a 15 min. descent into the beauty/fashion internet: 1) voyeurism (I can’t believe you are putting this tutorial about how to cover a zit on Youtube!) 2) more money than I have (how in the world do you buy a whole new outfit every week!) 3) SKILLZ

Here are my favorites:

1. chelsea wears’ youtube channel

A true amateur. She actually seems to buy all this stuff herself.

2. Riches for Rags


No words! Only images from fashion magazines, street style blogs and red carpets. How genius. It is like Pinterest if no one ever posted any images of affirmations.

3. Le Catch and Girls of a Certain Age

Okay this is a bit of a cheat. These blogs are run by women who are former fashion magazine editors. But that is also why they are so good.

4. Lisa Eldridge

Seriously, this is the best. She is also a professional real makeup artist. But if the patter of her British accent doesn’t sooth your anxieties, your problems are too big to be solved on the internet.

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