Best Beauty of 2014

1. Clinique Chubby Sticks The lip and the eye ones are easy to apply, non-drying, and fade out to an appealing natural looking stain as they wear.


2. Elf Complexion brush, it costs $3, is better than my $20 brush

3. Gel Foundation. I got married this year and thus was treated to the most EXPENSIVE makeup I will ever own. One of the blessings involved in this was the purchase of Chantecaille “Future Skin” foundation. Lessons learned from this experience: if you are going to spend a ton of money on bit of makeup make it foundation, you are probably a lighter shade than you think you are (an old Lisa Eldridge trick), and if you have dry skin a1) fix your skin first (because no foundation is going to look good until you do), b2) try gel foundation. Gel foundations are kind of new and do not immediately sink into your skin, but are also not heavy and goopy. The cheap one that got me hooked is the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation (it is only sold through European stores online). The expensive ones include Chantecaille and Marc Jacob’s new foundation.

4. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (or Buffing, or Stippling brush)–for applying foundation. Stop trying to use those stupid small foundation brushes, or winging it with your fingers. This cuts your application time in half, and looks 100% better. This lady will show you how.

5. Highlighter–This is actually the only makeup you need in life, because it makes you look like you are on TV! Apply it to the top of your cheek bones.

to look healthy: Buxum Luminous Goddess or Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter

to look like a Korean pop star: Benefit Watts Up or NARS Copacabana

6. The NEW Clinique Dramatically Different + Just like the cream that my mom has used forever, with a bit more heavyness to an already uber heavy cream. It has mineral oil it it, but that is a GOOD thing because it is like vasaline and protects me from the icy winds of death that now haunt my city.

7. Beauty videos on Youtube! Behold the sometimes fragile, often vacant, always terrifying beauty of humanity.

These heartbreaking and brave achievements of self-construction will make you tremble with fear. Who are these 18 year olds who allow us to witness their process of citation, identification and fabrication? They are a super human breed that we olds will never fully understand because we are filled with too much shame to test-drive lip gloss in front of the world.

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