The TV of 2013

People often ask me what TV I watch, which confuses me, because me first instinct is to say, “all the TV.” But that’s not really true, in 2013 I watched:
The Good Wife
Orange is the New Black
Call the Midwife
Breaking Bad
Mad Men
Orphan Black
Princesses: Long Island
Masters of Sex
Top of the Lake
Key and Peele
Parks and Recreation
Game of Thrones
Brooklyn 99
House of Cards
The Mindy Project
Project Runway
Real Housewives of NYC & Beverly Hills
Downton Abbey
Cougar Town
The Hour

I gave up on:
The Walking Dead
The New Girl
Under the Dome
Almost Human
Agents of Shield
Don’t Trust the B*$# in Apt. 2

My top 10 list of 2013 is:
1. Bunheads (RIP)
2. Game of Thrones
3. Mad Men
4. Enlightened
5. Orange is the New Black
6. Scandal
7. The Good Wife
8. Top of the Lake
9. Girls
10. Orphan Black

And the thing is, I’m embarrassed to say my master list does not even include some of the most excellent shows of 2013 (or at least that’s what good people are saying):
Bob’s Burgers
American Horror Story
The Americans
The Fall
The Returned
Trophy Wife

So, my resolution for 2014: Watch more TV! After all, Mathew McConaughey is coming to my small screen. It is time to dig deep and find more space in my schedule for the most important medium of our time.

3 thoughts on “The TV of 2013

  1. For your consideration this next season: Bletchley Circle. The first series is only three episodes long, so catching up for the new season will take no time. I’ll be curious to see your reaction. I absolutely loved it, but I am biased towards all things Bletchley Park (Enigma is one of my favorite movies to rewatch, in spite of its problematic de-queering of the Alan Turing character) and British mystery and ladies leaning the f in.

    Another BBC bit of awesomeness: Last Tango in Halifax. It’s a very aesthetically pleasing six-part soap opera.

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say, I completely gave in to the delights of The New Girl. The secret is forgetting that Julie Klausner thinks Zooey Deschanel is uncool.

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