Polar Vortex Survival

The SAD is upon me. My skin burns from the cold, my brain strains under the stress of grey days, and more importantly I am tired of staring at the dog fur on my floor. Release me from this winter prison!

Here are the only things making my polar vortex lifestyle bearable:

wigwam socks


My husband got me a pair of these from the army navy store, and wow, these are coats for your feet.


Because these sisters live in a warm climate and sing retro 80’s pop songs together. Maybe if you listen long enough they will manifest before you.

garnet hill down coat


I’m not proud of this, but to be fair every young woman with a brain in New York City is also walking around in a wearable sleeping bag. The rich ones are wearing the fur lined Canadian Goose version.

l.l. bean boots


This is not actually what I look like in mine, but it is what I imagine I look like in mine. I personally think that thinsulate bean boots are one of the most fashionable real winter boots. Just make sure to order a full size and a half down. Maybe I’ll get really bold this spring and wear them like the cute 20 year-olds who work in coffee shops: with bare legs and a sundress. It makes no sense, that’s why its so cool.




I think that this sweater is a smart solution to the shapeless quality of a giant sweater, but some empirical evidence suggests that it confuses and repels men. But that’s like a whole thing these days. I bought it on the strangely thrilling vaunte.com (where rich ladies unload their old stuff).



3 thoughts on “Polar Vortex Survival

  1. Whoa! I was just lusting after a confusing and ginormous sweater from one of the Chelsea Wears videos.

    What evidence do you have that the sweater repels the mens? It’s all hourglass-y.

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