An Approach

I need a new wardrobe. The one I have currently works for the present because I am always covered in the bodily fluids of my two young children and never leave the house. By the summer, however, I hope to enter the workforce and be a bit more social. Would it be at all acceptable to just straight up copy most of this woman’s outfits? My inner high schooler is appalled by this copy cat way of reconstructing my style, but she looks so great in a totally achievable way that I’m seriously tempted to fill my closet with the clothes she features on her site.

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All photographs by Lauren of


Even if I don’t end up aping her look, I will definitely use her general approach to style as a guide. I’ve already pared down my closet considerably, and will probably do so again in a few months when I’m a different size.*

So far, I can see two problems with the mimic approach to style. Aside from the creepiness of completely copying someone else’s look, there is also the problem of knowing whether I look good in certain clothes. I have no idea, honestly no idea, whether or not I am able to pull off any of the clothes I choose. There are outfits that I think I look perfectly fine in, that I feel like I can count on as a regular go-to that I realize absolutely do not work when I see a picture of myself in them. How do I figure out what cuts and shapes and colors work for me? Should I invest in a day of advice from a personal shopper-type person?


*Huff, this might not happen. I can’t seem to shake the last twenty pounds of my baby weight. However, I am trying to be cool with this because taking care of two younguns really f*cking hard and I need to cut myself some slack.

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