Lessons learned from a Four Year Old Queen

The four year old (and a “HALF!”) I take care of has recently requested a new nanny.


“Because you never wear dresses”

Fair enough. He also pointed out my lack of long hair, my failure to wear jewelry, and my general absence of makeup. Apparently he is not into the no-makeup makeup look.

I think I have a lot to learn from his aesthetic. If he was dressing all the women of the world they would have flower crowns, amulets the size of a deck of cards, and friend crew with a division of labor visible by hair color.

Basically they would look like this woman:

And you know what, he is right, she looks great.

So because I promised, I will be trying to either wear jewelry, lipstick or a dress every day this spring. Here is my first foray into femininity.


$10 at H$M!



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