Shopping for Other People is Fun

Since D was so kind and deconstructed my taste in fashion for me, I’d like to return the favor and find her the perfect sandals.

Would Danskos be too ceramics-teacher-core? I thought these looked sort of Swedish Hasbeens-ish, but have good support instead of just being straps on a piece of wood. Ooh, and these are pretty bitchin’:


Also, there are these, which I saw in a catalog today, because, being eighty-five years old, I still receive catalogs in the mail:

Pretty pricey, though. And maybe too high a wedge for walking around. Are the straps on these too thin?


Also–and I cannot believe that this is the kind of memory my mind chooses to retain–Sassy Magazine* used to feature Dr. Scholl’s a lot, in an “ugly-trendy” way. ‘Cos if you want orthopedic, look no further.



*Yes, I’ve looked at the Sassy Scans Tumblr for hours, and yes, I remember EVERY SINGLE G.D. PICTURE from 1992 on. I must have looked at my copies literally hundreds of times each. However, I was surprised and pleased as punch to see this feature, which came out in 1990, before I started subscribing.

2 thoughts on “Shopping for Other People is Fun

  1. That Sassy Scans Tumblr is a treasure trove. I love that the Twin Peaks feature has no ironic distance because it is actually from 1990 (but you could imagine the exact same feature in Rookie today drenched with nostalgia).

    I think those danskos might be the answer. Danskos haunt me with their comfort and quality, and yet I always wonder if I am really pulling them off.

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