Three Cheers for JLo

Do we celebrate JLo enough? NO!

I accidentally watched an episode of the new version of American Idol and was blown away by how entertained I was by the new JLo infused version. They have substituted everything that was terrible about American Idol for some lovely ribbing between JLo and Henry Connick Jr., a variety of genres within the song selections, and a general condemnation of runs. This all confirms what I had already suspected about JLo. She has a firm grasp on what is important: treating women of color like human beings, high-waisted booty shorts, expertly applied highlighter, the film Out of Sight, Greek god-level celebrity charisma, and Professionalism.

Without realizing she is the executive producer, I also recently fell in love with The Fosters on ABC Family (the most recent show on the network that seems to now be producing what I can only describe as HBO if HBO was run by John Waters).

JLo is a weird new species of pop star that seems to actually be better now than she was when she was 22. She refuses to wither away into a perfume hawking shadow of herself and thus I will buy all the things she wants to sell me.


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