I’ve decided to go full witch for Spring. I went to my H&M and I bought all the drapey black t-shirts they had, a full length black dress and restocked my Uniqlo black jeans.


Now the problem with this first go around of my witch look is that two people mentioned my resemblance to an orthodox Jewish woman. Damn the contextual nature of fashion! In Boulder or San Francisco I would have looked like a young Eileen Fisher devotee, but in Brooklyn my modesty was a wee bit too OJ.

But as Nina Garcia would say, it is all in the styling. So I need to take a few more cues from the Olsens in my witch look.


And they are copying basically the entirely of Hel Looks.

I think the key is to ask yourself, do I look enough like this lady? And then modify accordingly.


But basically the genius of the witch look, pioneered by a certain lady academic friend of mine with flaxen hair, is that you accumulate a whole bunch of black stuff and then it all “goes together.” I realize that this is a principle as old as the lady professional, but I have never really done it because I have been recovering from my mother’s commitment to the principle in the mid 90s. I think I am ready now.

I’m off to put on my black bat-wing t-shirt (two sizes too big), my black skinny jeans and my black boots. I am even kind of into a witchy plum eye with this look.




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