Workout Pants

In the post-Lululemon age we are living with an abundance of workout wear brands, all of which are better than Lululemon. Here my new favorites:



These are hands down the most high quality workout pants I have ever found. They are made of a surprisingly thick compression fabric that basically is the exoskeleton you never knew you needed. They never inch down and they are incredibly supportive. What? You didn’t know that your butt needed support? Well it does. The fabric and fit is incredibly flattering because they suck you in like Spanx but they don’t at all feel constricting. They are also now available on Zappos, so you can try them on in the privacy of your own home.




These are fabric-wise very different than NUX because they are super thin and thus are really comfortable to sweat buckets in, but they are surprisingly supportive none the less. They also come in the most satisfying range of prints. I like to be the largest woman in a New York fitness class while wearing this, because it kind of says “Hey, I am not trying to sink into my own shadow.”



You really really don’t need to spend $80 on workout pants. The Old Navy compression line is so good. They are basically what you think you would get from Lululemon but they cost $20 on sale and they have a whole bunch of awesome new prints. They also come  in a much wider range of sizes than most workout wear. 

Also, you can’t afford anything on here, but for a good aspiration session go to Carbon 38, where graphic leggings and sheer cut-outs are worn by famous New York trainers and other “fitness” celebrities. 




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