Alternate Lives


I could have been a different lady of habit if I had stayed in Boulder instead of moving to other parts of the country. Here is a schedule of this alternate form of my life.

9am – Have my first green juice of the day from Wonder Press, run by my childhood friends. I’m probably married to a venture capitalist, so I am also an investor in this juice bar.

10am-Go to Pilates and chat about my heel fibers with the other ladies of habit. None of us go to work, naturally. Sweat as little as possible because this is just the first workout of the day and you have to pace yourself.


11am – Time for my daily hike up Sanitas in the foothills. I can get from my downtown Boulder home to the trail head in 15 minutes.


11:30am – Stop mid hike to drink my yam juice from Wonder Press.

3:00pm – After an afternoon of reading Buddhist philosophy I am feeling peckish and make sure to refuel with a pot of tea brewed in almond milk.

5:00pm – Yoga class. Duh.

7:00pm – Meet friends for drinks and dinner at The Kitchen, which is owned by Kimbal Musk (Elon’s brother). My venture capitalist husband and I kvetch with Musk about Boulder’s need for a high speed train to the airport. We realize our annual trips to the Andes are carbon intensive, but our work in glamorizing high speed rail will more than make up for our karmic deficit.

10pm – Gaze in the mirror at my glowing skin and scarily bright eyes (its a symptom of all the juicing).





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