Will These Brands Save Me?

All I want in life is to receive a seasonal batch of my perfectly curated needs without having to stress about it. An owl will alight on my window every March, June, September, and December and restock my underwear, socks, jeans, and button down shirt supply and all these goods will be perfectly stylish and well made. But until this genius business exists I am forced to cobble together a few companies to make my “uniform.” Here are my new uniform suppliers:


Lo & Sons


I directly equate grownupness to one’s bag situation. This company still isn’t in the real “purse” category, a category that I aspire to someday be ready for. But I see this bag as a realistic approach to my lugging around tons of stuff issue. Like the other brands that will magically solve my shopping problems, this company will also serve all my luggage problems once I am fancy enough to go on a lot of two day trips (the Catskills, jaunts to LA, weekend conferences).



Drapey, hip, not made by small children, and cheap.



Glasses are the thing I wear every single day, so really they are my most important fashion statement. I generally believe in making a statement with glasses, and I hope to achieve Apfel realness someday:


But until that day I need a good cheap glasses purveyor that appreciates the importance of distinctive eyewear. I tried on EVERYTHING at Warby Parker, but it was all a little too meek.
Bonlook seems more Apfel-friendly.




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