My Current Boyfriends

Welcome to the inside of my locker. I have two kinds of boyfriends/husbands that cohabitate the inside of my head.


First there are my boyfriends. It’s casual with these guys because they are a little out of my league. They probably won’t get my jokes or understand my work.

In this category:



Felicity’s Boyfriend


and Liam


In the second category are my husbands. It is pretty serious with them because I know we have so much in common, and they will really love me for the right reasons. My presence won’t just be an affirmation that they are “nice” guys who like “funny” women.

First husband, Dan Kois


Dan is an all around nice guy, with excellent taste in children’s names (he named his daughter Lyra), he also seems to be a really good husband. I know this because on the Mom and Dad are Fighting podcast, he talks about how guilty he feels about not washing the dishes enough.

Next husband, Martin Starr


Martin and I have a more cerebral connection. I feel like we have really grown up together, so I really understand where he is coming from. They are still not making adequate use of him in Silicone Valley, but that show is so good that I have big hopes for his future.

Next husband, Jody Rosen


Now this is a little awkward, because our relationship started before I moved to his neighborhood in Brooklyn. Now that we often sit together in the local coffee shop while we work (me: “do you mind if I share your table?” him: “of course not!”) he has become a little too real for me. He makes highly questionable sartorial and grooming choices and he sometimes types very loudly. But ultimately our shared appreciation for Taylor Swift will see us through.



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