Of all the celebrities, Jennifer Aniston has never been a top priority in my skin wearing interests, but things have changed.

Recently I have started to like Jennifer better because her new fiancee co-wrote Tropic Thunder.

But I have also fallen in love with Jen’s charming and good-at-cueing-yoga-poses trainer Mandy Ingber

My initial interest in Mandy Ingber was purely a remnant of my nineties fling with Jen hair and The Zone, but the more yoga videos I have done with Mandy the more I think, maybe I should start doing yoga every day again. I did yoga every single day for a summer in college and got REALLY pretty. But it is hard to say if it was the yoga or the fact that I was 18.

But back to Mandy, this lady has great energy and after a little research it all became clear . . .  MANDY IS FROM TEEN WITCH!

Here is Mandy in all her glory:

AND THAT IS NOT ALL! Mandy is cool enough to be proud of her early and very important work:







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