iCal Habits

I once said to a therapist, “do you think my iCal habit is a problem?” Predictably and annoyingly, she responded “Do you think it is a problem?”

Well, it might be slowly sucking my soul out, but my iCal habit sure works. After the brilliant post on bullet journaling from C. I have been itching to show you my iCal, waiting for the perfect week when I would be most proud of the contents. But that week will never come, so here it is (click on it for detail):

ical copy

As you can see, the genius of the iCal lifestyle is that you can color code tasks and appointments, thus putting work/leisure/house work tasks all on the same plane but distinct. Most importantly, it allows you to organize your day around how long those tasks should take and the amount of time between tasks. This last point, the time between, is really the scheduling conundrum that iCal wins over other scheduling techniques. When I finally recognized that walking to an appointment would take me a half hour or eating lunch would take me an hour and that needed to be scheduled into my day, everything changed. I stopped failing at my daily task list.

Some other notes on my scheduling habit: it is scary to realize that I have always written my calender as legible to other people. It is like there is an invisible audience that I am waiting to share this with. This is only scary because I feel particularly proud of a dense, well-colored schedule at the end of the week and I actually delete tasks if I didn’t do them in order to be honest with this invisible audience. Notice the blank space on Tuesday. That time was lost to the internet and “spring cleaning” (also known as avoidance and listening to podcast time). I deleted the tasks I was actually supposed to be doing because I didn’t deserve them.


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