Yogurt Haul!

Sorry about all the heavy breathing, but ask yourself “Do I know how to make a video and put it on Youtube?”

This is all from Court Street Grocers. In classic haul fashion I have to tell you that this shopping trip cost $40, thus exemplifying:

1. the craziness of Brooklyn food culture (did I really need the small batch local greek yogurt AND the sweet potato yogurt?).

2. my own compulsive shopping habits in food stores.

3. the danger of swinging by an artisan food shop after kickboxing class and shopping before I had consumed the sandwich I had come in for. Sadly, I ate it too quickly for a picture. But according to the menu here is what happened:

Mother-In-Law – $10.10
Braised Beef Short Rib, Mother-In-Law’s Kim Chi, Roast Broccoli, Mayo, on Garlic Bread



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