Drapey Pants

A woman in my life who will go unnamed recently asked me what I thought of her new drapey pants:


“Those are pajamas,” I said. It was not really a value statement, but she heard it as one and said defensively “No, they are just really comfortable.”

I myself am now on the hunt for the perfect pair of pajamas to wear outside the house, despite the fact that wearing pajamas goes against everything I know to be true about clothes: fitted clothes look better on people, structure is slimming, and “casual” clothes look sloppy on anyone who isn’t an 18 year old art student.

But what is the alternative? Shorts also look pretty stupid and although I really respect and envy women who wear skirts and dresses all summer, I also long for a piece of fabric between my thighs.


So I think the new trend of drapey pants/pajamas is an excellent solution. But why not just go all in and also lower the crotch while I’m at it?


The drop crotch also solves a common summer problem: the disgusting feeling of fabric on one’s sweaty body.


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