Ladies of Habit Book Club: The Vacationers



Synopsis: fancy New York people go to Majorca on vacation, daughter’s last summer before going to Brown, discord between long married parents, lots of descriptions of food and what it feels like to sit next to swimming pools.

I liked this book. This is not quite as good as Seating Arrangements, but for a book that is being marketed as chick lit summer vacation reading, it satisfies my needs.

It is strange however to read this book about New Yorkers escaping the muggy city while being stuck in said muggy city.

To her credit Straub does not try to trouble my basic understanding of the world: Majorca is a nicer place to be than New York in the summer, rich people have fun vacations even when they have familial problems, and the one poor person stuck with the rich people can see their foibles clearly.

All the characters are specific, human, and their interactions are laced with very funny dialogue. This book will not mess up your vacation by making you feel sad and if you aren’t going on vacation you will appreciate the transporting descriptions of white stone villas and young AND old people sex.

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