Hoof Shodding Alternation

My summer sandal search was highly successful. The Corso Como Talia Studded Sandal is great, comfortable, doesn’t make ankles look fat.


They don’t sell it anymore but this style from Corso Como is almost exactly the same.

The only problem is I put about 3-4 miles on these feet a day, and despite the excellent comfort these sandals have provided, they are going to disappear from my feet by the end of the summer. These sandals are well made enough that I can have the cobbler replace the sole and add more tread, but the only real solution is to not wear them every day.

So I need an alternate in order to slow down the inevitable sandal decay.

This next choice is a bit less classic, a little more cloddish, but cloddish is IN right now.

Behold the Kork-ease 1 and 1/2 ”


Really, I just want credit for not buying Birkenstocks because they are super trendy in New York right now. You cannot throw an iced coffee without hitting a lady in all white Birkenstocks with really long skinny legs. I just want points for not falling for this fallacy. Please give me all my points now!



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