It is time for my summer holiday, and I am going to LA for a long weekend to stay with a friend.

My travel rules for vacations:

Bring nothing, buy everything.



This amazing Patagonia luggage can have nothing or everything inside its magical compartments. It also has backpack straps.


I did bring my running shoes so I can hike up that hill that celebrities get their photos taken on.


Although it appears you can do it in clogs.

But I also plan on utilizing my time in Silverlake and taking this class:

A few other plans: try to buy this week’s US Weekly and last week’s in the airport, buy all the expensive airport food and don’t worry about it, put about a half lb. of duty-free designer hand lotion on my legs.

In LA, I plan on eating every taco in every food truck that GOOP suggested.

Finally, my travel outfit.


I did it. I bought Birkenstocks. It is actually your fault and not mine. No one gave me enough points for not buying them, so I decided to go all in and get the loudest color available.



One thought on “Travel

  1. See, I couldn’t give you points out of loyalty to my fourteen-year old self who, in 1994, wanted Birkenstocks so badly that I saved up my wages from my library job for almost a year to buy a pair. This is also the reason I am unable to participate in the trend.

    Enough about me, ya look good! These are the perfect color on you.

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