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Never in my life did I think I’d find something as annoying and attractive as farm-to-table culture until I started watching YouTube videos about tiny houses. There has to be a German word that precisely expresses how I am enraptured by tiny houses but also want to tape their owners’ mouths shut.

In this one, owner calls her life in a tiny house “a conversation.” Hush, lady. But keep the cameras rolling, because those are some gorgeous bookcases you’ve got there.

No please, tell me again about your Japanese soaking tub. I didn’t quite hear you the first three times you mentioned it. But, well, yeah, that’s a pretty great tub.

This chick–like literally every other person who talks about their tiny house–has at hand facts about how many square feet people used to live in in the 1950s versus today. I don’t care. But you know what I do care about? Your amazing entryway shelving system.


And yes, I really, really want a tiny house.


2 thoughts on “More YouTubery

  1. I have so much tiny house rage I need a tiny house to process it all in. If you would like to go further down this rabbit hole, then check out my old Boulder friend’s documentary Tiny on Netflix. I spent the whole video screaming at the video “that doesn’t look like a tiny plot of land!” Just to summarize my rage: lots of people live in tiny homes: they are called APARTMENTS.
    I realize the final video addresses that, but really, this lady wants a pat on the back for living in a 300 sq. ft. apartment!? I live in a 300 sq. ft. apartment with a partner, just like everyone else in big cities. Geez.
    But all that being said, I want their Japanese soaking tub, the half size lot in Portland, and those sweet custom shelves.
    And really this is all so appealing because it is part of my larger Laura Ingalls Wilder obsession to make playing house my primary vocation.

  2. That documentary was what sent me down this tiny rabbit hole in the first place! So cool that you know him. And yes, your rage is righteous anger, I think. The moral superiority that is evinced by most of the interviewees is similar to the farm-to-table people, and just as maddening, in that they make it seem like if we all made similar personal choices re: food and shelter, the environment would magically right itself again. They totally ignore the unfeasibility of EVERYONE making those choices, and also the systemic problems that got us where we are in the first place. Also, tiny houses, no matter how sustainably built are still WAY way more impactful on the environment than apartments. Not to mention the fact that they’re often off-grid, and by avoiding those pesky zoning measures they all seem to hate, they also get to bypass some probably very important environmental regulations at the same time.

    You should totally film a tiny YouTube video about your apartment. I’m imagining you swanning about in snug jeans and a loose top, Gwynnie-style.

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