Non-NYC workouts

I am spending the month in Indiana, so I don’t have access to my fancy boutique fitness classes through Classpass. Without the structure of having a class that costs money scheduled in my calender I don’t really know what to do with myself.

So here is how I am coping:

1. Reacquainting myself with running outside. I have never really enjoyed running that much except for when a gym has a TV attached to a treadmill that lets me watch music videos or the Cooking Channel. I need a pretty high level of distraction in order to last a good half hour. But if I have good running earphones that don’t fall out of my sweaty ears and a real iPhone arm band, I can kind of get into it. I also think there is absolutely nothing wrong with running for five minutes, walking for ten, running again for two etc.

2. Doing my fancy boutique fitness moves in a gym. I say in a gym, because I have access to one. But this is also totally doable in a bedroom. I organize a good Youtube playlist of over-exuberant fitness gurus and try to do about three or four videos.

3. Taking a commitment free class. Boutique fitness classes are everywhere and the great thing about it them is that you can pay per class. I dare you to find small town that doesn’t have some welcoming Zumba ladies. Also, I’m not going to lie. I kind of enjoy going to a crappy class and being the strongest one there.

Most importantly: I am going to deal with the fact that every once in a while scaling down your fitness is fine. Maybe that pesky shoulder pain will finally heal from all the inactivity.

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