Outlander is the best show of the summer. Period the end. I say this understanding with my brain that Masters of Sex, which is also on this summer, is the best show of not only the summer but probably the year.
Yet my heart knows things that my head will never understand.

Five justifications for my current obsession with this show:

1. The plot is a 1940s WWII BBC-type drama (think Bletchley Circle) where the lead falls through time into a sumptuously reproduced 18th century Scotland with all the thrill and political maneuverings of Game of Thrones. This is the most delicious genre mash-up of sassy 1940’s nurse adventure, Anglophilia, high stakes fantasy, and romantic love-triangle.

2. The show breaks all current tv conventions by actually withholding boobs and sex from its viewers. This is the kind of steamy romance that a younger D., nay a younger America, knew was even hotter than the instant gratification of naked sex scenes.

3. For reasons that are not clear, none of the actors are recognizable. They are all first rate Scottish and English actors who probably have been toiling away in Royal Shakespeare Drama Academies, or whatever they call them.

4. If you ever have enjoyed a woolen gown with a low neckline, a taupe eye and a stained lip, an impressively draped kilt, or any bog, moor, or low slung green and foggy mountains, THIS IS THE SHOW FOR YOU. It is so beautiful to look at it I would watch it on mute if I had to.

5. It is all up on Starzplay.com for Free!


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