Minimal Shopping Fashion Solution

I am feeling a little over buying clothes right now, because

A1. We just threw out half our wardrobe in order to fit our clothes into our new apartment’s non-existent closets

B2. At 30, I finally realized there is nothing new under the sun for fall fashion. It’s all prep-school blazers, Scottish-highland-wool-fantasy, “men’s wear inspired,” and layers layers layers. With the occasional downtown-chic all black leather jacket twist. I love all these redundant ideas, but I am no longer under the illusion that I need more than one giant sweater and a solid collection of jeans and t-shirts. A fall T-shirt edit will be forthcoming, so don’t worry.

B3. The only thing I actually NEED, rather than want for the purposes of filling the giant chasm that is my consumerist soul, is work related pieces. Last year I finally bought a great blazer and some snazzy royal blue wool pants, but at conferences I literally had two wardrobe options and I probably should invest in a bit more work appropriate clothes. But that should not be confused with fall everyday wear.

So, what to do? I figured it out!

Square vintage scarves!



If you have a great vintage store near you there is no doubt a box of these gems sitting in a corner for under $10, but I also love shopping for them on Etsy. If you want actual silk, you can still get beautiful ones for under $30, and if you are a lady with an actual full time job why not invest in a classic vintage Hermes silk scarf?

A square silk scarf tied around your neck (follow basic golden retriever scarf tying technique),



with a simple t-shirt/sweater and jeans looks super cool. I also love this kind of scarf tucked into a button down or tied in a knot over a sweater to make you look like a real business lady. It is like a tie for women.





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