The Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow compact and the Women Clothes book were both gifts. I can say with confidence that both have changed my entire lady game. The compact, which was a gift from C. was one of the most thoughtful gifts that I have ever received.

1) I would never have bought it for myself ($$$)

2) As an object, it is a piece of art

3) It so sweetly references our mutual love of Vivianna and our mutual confusion over “bronzing” and “contouring”

Now that I own this I think we all need to be bronzing and contouring. Suddenly my face is a face. It has dimension and warmth. I wore it to dinner with my brother and he said: “D. you look so skinny! Are you ill?” Which is basically the nicest thing you can say to a woman.


IMG_1634 IMG_1637


Contouring and bronzing are two different things, but what is nice about this product is you can kind of do both at the same time. The highlighter is totally buttery and gorgeous.

For a cheaper option you could also try The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze in light matte and buy a different highlighter like Top Shop’s Glow Highlighter. Another option that costs way too much money but is similar is Nars Contour blush.

5 thoughts on “Countour/Bronzer

  1. Yowza, you look great! Did you do the highlighty bit, too? I feel like you have extra glow. Also–and this is a compliment–you don’t look at all Kardashiany, which is what has scared me away from contouring.

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