Stages of Lady Development

Beginner Lady:
Apply sunscreen
Own belt
Own black dress
Wash face at night
Eat crudites with drinks at all receptions
Consult drugstore aisle for skin problems
Wear earrings

Intermediate Lady:
Apply moisturizer
Paint nails pail pink
Use dry shampoo and anti-frizz hair goop
Visit dermatologist for skin problems
Establish actual foundation color
Own black blazer
Eat full plate of crudites before drinking
Own bag made out of leather
Wear necklaces

Advanced Lady:
Paint nails greysh (a lavender/grey color)
Take off nail polish when chipped
Blow dry hair with brush
Use hair curler for “soft-waves”
Pin-point conceal blemishes
Contour eyeball with dark crease shade
Own clean blending brushes
Combine retinol with other active and yet not irritating skin care ingredients
Own two blazers (one winter weight, one summer weight)
Walk in high heels
Go to dinner and have a full meal before attending reception
Own handbag, tote, and clutch
Wear cuffs and “stacking rings”

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