C.’s Hair: the Crowd Responds

I love the Emma Stone option, but here is the thing: when I think of you I think of long side bangs. The fact that you don’t already have them is confusing to me. So in the spirit of reinvention, here are some other ideas:

Why not pull a Vivianna razor chop?


From Vivianna Does Makeup

Or go even shorter:

But I have another idea that might be better for your goals of only getting a haircut once a year: The Haim haircut!


Really long with only layers at the bottom. I see a lot of beautiful girls in Brooklyn with this hair and it appears to be the kind of hair you rarely wash, always air-dry, and let get kind of naturally curly at the ends. I personally am terrified of middle parts, but I actually love the way this hair looks with a side part. It is kind of young adult heroine ish. See, Kristen Stewart:



Also, just ’cause I mentioned KStew, let this sweep over you and then follow it up with THE TRUTH:



3 thoughts on “C.’s Hair: the Crowd Responds

  1. Oh man, so much good hair here. Thank you! The blunt, messy bob would actually be my top contender if it weren’t for the fact that I think I’d really have to step up my make-up and clothes game to pull it off. I think I’ll go with the Brooklyn hair.

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