If there is a spa that offers a bath full of olive or grapeseed oil, please let me know. I would go to that spa. As the winter continues, I cling to my oils to keep my skin from falling off of my body.

First, if you are not cleansing your face with oil, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? It is the best lazy lady trick ever because your makeup comes right off, your face is clean, and your skin is moisturized. And I have acne-prone skin, which has only gotten better since oil cleansing, so stop worrying about putting oil on you face. It is a bit weird-feeling but you just put the oil on your dry face, see the mascara drip down your cheeks disintegrating without any effort, and then you wash the oil off with water.

If you are really lazy like me and want to skip moisturizer, use the Garnier oil. If you don’t want your face to have any oil residue on your face post wash, use the Body Shop oil. Both are great.

But because we are in the dead of winter, follow up with some Argan oil from the natural food store (a quarter of the price of Josie Maran stuff, and totally the same thing). Or if you are even broker, some Jojoba oil. The big difference between Argan and Jojoba oil is that Argan absorbs quicker. But both are loaded with Vitamin E. Then put on some light moisturizer (I love the Cerave PM moisturizer). Because despite what hippies tell you, pure oils don’t do everything.

My new favorite makeup product is also an oil = the Josie Maran Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil. I have Boundless Berry. This stuff gives you that Outlander, it is only the 18th century so we only have natural flushes, look.

I particularly like this stuff with no eye makeup at all. Here are the rest of the products for this Outlander look (Also, when is Outlander coming back!?).
(the crucial elements here are Charlotte Tillbury’s Bronze and Glow, the Anastasia Brow Wiz, and the Pore Professional primer).


8 thoughts on “Oils

  1. Multiple compliments on this post:
    a) Your skin and lip color look amazing.
    b) I love your teddy bear sweater.
    c) Props on that Vivianna-style product shot.

  2. When you’re back in Boulder, check out Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary. I buy her two moisturizers (oil) and her hair oil for tossing on when hair is sopping wet. I love them. Also Sea Buckthorn oil is grand, but I have to go to Denver to a little Russian store for that. And jojoba for body lotion.

  3. As a longtime acne-haver, I have been taught to fear oil. So I scared to try this. Is there, like, an initial period where your skin freaks out before it accepts the oil?

  4. no, mostly your skin is happy to get more moisture because almost all acne treatments are very drying and irritating. I think all acne treatments are a careful balance of treatment/not further irritating the skin, and adding more anti-inflammatory moisture tips the scales in your favor. There are some oils however that I would be more wary of. For instance coconut oil. But jojoba and argan are pretty standard ok-acne oils.

  5. That being said, there is a difference between standard dryness and irritation from all the retinols/benzyol peroxides/BHA’s/AHA’s etc. In my experience no oil can solve the problem of excess irritation from these medications. You can only use them less until you build up a tolerance. And of course, as always with acne stuff, if what you are doing is working and your skin is not dry all the time, then there is no reason to mess with it.

  6. Okay, I will consider my oil options if my face starts falling off. Meanwhile, an oil-free moisturizer I’m currently obsessed with is Dermalogica’s Active Moist lotion. Light, citrus-scented magic for the face.

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