Seeing Stones

We ladies of habit are also nerds, and thus we deal with our eye degeneration the old fashioned way: glasses. One of my greatest ambitions is to own more than one pair of glasses at the same time, thus achieving adult-level accessorizing potential.

My last glasses were pretty good: vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses with normal lenses in them.


But I like my feminine Bonlook frames even more with my butch haircut:


Because almost all Warby Parker glasses look like poop on me, I think I might try my hand at another Bonlook pair:


This “Jack and Norma” frame has the added benefit of meeting my Ingrid Michaelson fantasy.

These also seem to follow the tried and true logic of my last frames: bigger is better. I can’t ever go back to small glasses. Stop trying to pretend you aren’t putting something on your face. This is an opportunity to put a GIANT thing on your face.


Also, as Kerry (a friend of the blog) recently pointed out. Bonlook/Warbyparker glasses cost $100. That is the amount of money we spend on shoes we never wear, ergo we should stop buying shoes and start buying more glasses!


P.S. Sorry for my long absence. Was on a very ladies of habit-y women’s writing retreat and a mother daughter vacation.

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