About the Outlander Spanking Scene

Congratulations to all of us, Outlander is back!

Caitriona Balfe Sam Heughan Grant O'Rourke

My life was a desolate wasteland during the hiatus, but the mid-season premiere has revived me.

Also Jamie hit Claire and feminist internet lost it.

To summarize, Claire did a stupid dangerous thing, it put people’s lives at risk, so Jamie had to whip her with his belt in order “to teach her a lesson.” He is a sensitive guy, so he was sad about having to do it. But after she struggled and was like “hell no,” he got pissed off and was like “I didn’t say I wouldn’t enjoy it.” At which point he enjoyed it. Claire then punished him with death eyes and sleeping on the floor for a long time.

This is, of course, bad. So why did it not feel bad?

The spanking scene was an amazing nod to the audience of modern lady feminists who love this show, and who vicariously feel the primitive eroticism of Claire’s non-modern love affair. But you know what you get with non-modern guys? Stupid rules about hitting women who have misbehaved. I love that the show is forcing its audience to reckon with the historical authenticity of their own (and Claire’s) desire. You like kilt wearing thugs? Well, they didn’t go to Sarah Lawrence.


2 thoughts on “About the Outlander Spanking Scene

  1. Just watched it, did you like it when Claire put the knife to Jamie’s throat during the “make-up” sex and told Jamie that she would rip his heart out if he ever put his “hand” to her again? There might be a bit of 50 shades of …… going on in this show too. Next will you instruct or deconstruct the whole Bonnie Prince Charles and Jacobian aspect of this history too Professor D. – mother of D

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