Secrets of Your Face

I feel like I have spent most of my life looking at other women and wondering “WHY?” and “HOW?”

Why is your hair shiny and smooth?

How did you make your skin look like spun gold?

Recently, thanks to Beauty Youtube (the first truly demystifying beauty resource), some of these questions have been answered.

First, pretty ladies curl their eyelashes.


I held off from buying one of these torture contraptions because A) it seemed like a hoax and B) all the Youtube ladies said the fancy ones are significantly better.

But then I realized that the fancy ones (Kevin Aucoin, Chanel, Shu Umera) are still $20 or less. Part of lady maturity is realizing that anything that “works” under $20 is a steal. So I bought the Shu Umera ones, and WOW WOW WOW: I finally have eyelashes. When I wear mascara it actually makes my eyelashes look twice as long and it makes the mascara go on more evenly. I even use it when I’m not wearing mascara.

Second, “Beauty Blenders.”


These mysterious small orbs are for applying foundation, tinted moisturizers, concealer etc. You soak it in water, squeeze it out, and then use it to pat the base into your skin. There is a version of this called “The Beauty Blender,” but there is a less expensive version called “The Complexion Sponge” and it is pretty great and it costs $6. There is quite a bit of debate on the internet about whether it is as good as the BB. But hey, the BB costs $20 (which according to my “mature lady” maxim makes it worth it), so why not try both? I bought the Complexion Sponge and if the BB is better than this, then sign me up. Because the cheap one is AMAZING. It makes your foundation look natural, erases pores, and smoothes over the dry patches where your foundation gets wonky. Plus, nothing feels better than bouncing a cool damp sponge all over your face. Also, if your foundation gets weird in the afternoon, a damp beauty blender “rearranges” the foundation (and powder!) from the creases and lines that your foundation fell into.


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