I apologize for my long absence. This blog is how I waste time when I should be doing real work, so I should probably get back to work/structured procrastination.

Things that are making me happy:

1. UnReal –this scripted tv show is original, totally delectable, has no murder, and somehow manages to make a show about the making of The Bachelor deliver high stakes’ drama. I cannot wait for every new episode.

2. M.A.C. Syrup. You would never pick this on your own because it kind of looks purple, but on the lips it looks totally beautiful. This lipstick looks good on everyone, moisturizes your lips, and stays around. It brightens without really looking like lipstick. M.A.C. is an intimidating store, so walk in and just ask for this slam-dunk lipstick.


3. The Perfect Jumpsuit!!!!!


It is the J.Crew Oxford Crepe V-Neck Jumpsuit, it is still available and some colors are even on sale. This jumpsuit has a totally flattering natural waist, not-tight fit, modest neckline, can be worn with any bra, and I think it is also work appropriate with a blazer. I am going to wear it to death.

4. All of The Toast’s coverage of Channing Tatum


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