This is my annual “please watch Playing House” announcement. Playing House is now on its second season and I have joined the completely benign online group of superfans for this show. We are collectively known as #jammers on twitter. As the A.V. club writes, “We are Playing House fans, we are legion, our bodies always be banging.”



I (D.) am moving. So all my habits are in flux. Perhaps the worst feeling a lady of habit can have. I am also moving away from all my fitness classes, and in particular Gregory–the Sarah Lawrence-trained modern dancer with a strong Brooklyn accent who teaches pilates. Not to brag BUT Gregory asked me this week if I am a pilates instructor. That is right. I have achieved all I ever wanted in life. I’m done. Mic drop.

But Gregory the pilates instructor, and Vincent the kickboxing instructor no longer will carry me through my week. Fortunately I have discovered Yoga with Adriene, the yoga instructor on Youtube who speaks in a soft, but but lilting manner, sending ASMR shivers through me as I downdog.

Most importantly, she is a very trustworthy instructor, achieving that perfect blend of Sanskrit word-dropping and physiological know-how.



W. and I went to Amsterdam! Here is what we learned:

1. The Netherlands have really weird national parks with free bikes.


2. They stole amazing plants from all over the world.


3. Club sandwiches are their national sandwich of choice and they have really perfected the form. Here are the club sandwiches I have known:

IMG_0315 IMG_0359 IMG_0389 IMG_0436 IMG_0451

4. Their canals don’t smell!


5. They actually care about poor people. This is public housing from the 1920s (still in use):

IMG_0368 IMG_0372 IMG_0381

In conclusion, travel and vacations are great!


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