Technical Cashmere

Let me first list all the reasons you shouldn’t buy this cashmere t-shirt.


It is made by the brand Kit and Ace, the brand created by the wife of the guy who ran Lululemon and said we were all too fat for their pants. Not only is this guy a jerk, but if you read the NYT’s piece about the horrifying company culture of Lululemon (Ayn Rand, required self-transformation workshops for employees), you will also be particularly worried about the kind of spiritual capitalism associated with anything he touches.

Also this shirt costs about $60.


Armed with this information, you should now consider purchasing a piece of technical cashmere from this company.

It drapes in that special way that makes you look rich.


It is machine washable.

It is warm when you are cold, cooling when you sweat.

I want everything they make.



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