Style Guide to the Dark Sisterhood

This past weekend the dark sisters convened for our annual professional conference.

Our consensus:



The sadness of professional lady clothes can only be mitigated by color and prints (hah! never!) or a strong necklace game. Unfortunately Madewell sells all the right ones and they are made of garbage. So don’t expect these necklaces to last more than 10 wears. The other option would be to buy handcrafted jewelry like this beauty from Anomie.


But that would have required me to actually order this from the internet, instead of having Sister K. go to Target and buy a bag of necklaces for the room. Thankfully Sister S. also brought a bag of necklaces from Madewell so we had a full necklace buffet.

I’m thinking next year maybe we will graduate to brooches?


Other updates:

We are looking great!

Every lady came armed with her Anastasia Brow wiz (except for poor Sister S. with whom we shared).

The bathroom vanity was strewn with Tarte’s Exposed blush (which looks great on everyone), my incredible blue Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor, an abundance of Mucinex, Nars Cruella lip crayons, and bold eyewear.

Lady novices no more.



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