Nostalgia Nest

Perhaps driven by the recent frenzy among grown men for Star Wars memories, I’ve decided I want to surround myself with with nostalgia amulets. By which I mean all my favorite girl books. Now the problem is that I Marie Kondo’d my life at 25, so I don’t own these any more.

I’m on a mission to restock my collection, and they all have to be the right edition (no ugly new covers). Here is my wish list.

  1. All my Alanna books. I’ve already ordered my first editions on Ebay. But now that I have tasted the sweet nectar of collecting, I want other weird editions too. Like this sexy one: latest
  2. ALL OF THE L.M. MONTGOMERY. Now this is tricky, because they are now public domain and thus publishers put out gorgeous new gift editions. So I haven’t decided whether I want the 80s ones or the pretty ones. Same issue with Luisa May Alcott, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and Maud Hart Lovelace.
  3. The Mists of Avalon. Now the trick here is to find one of the paperbacks that does not say “Now a TNT miniseries.”
  4. I want all the Nancy Drews. My mom has already gotten into this particular fetish so I’m hoping we can do this as a family project.
  5. Juniper. This is such a beautiful book cover that I would also like a framed print. Or this amazing tattoo.

    6. All of the Madeline L’Engle books with the original weird 80s covers.images








Best TV of 2015

The only good thing about living alone, away from home, is that I watched all the TV. Much respect to Margaret Lyons, Ken Tucker, Emily Nussbaum, Willa Paskin, and Matt Zoller Seitz (my first top five tv critics list!), but I feel qualified to have my own list.

1.Jane the Virgin- This fall was finally the moment when I pushed back against my distaste for telenovela stylistics and really gave into the show. This show fills the space that Gilmore Girls carved out in my heart. Its emotional relationships are also more realistic than any other show on TV . . . except (see next entry)

2. The Americans-this year’s season killed me with the daughter/mother dynamics. It is a crime that Felicity does not get all the awards. And somehow they made the question of whether to turn your kid into a sleeper-spy feel like a universal problem.

3. Hannibal- I’ve already gushed and apologized for this. Mads forever.

4. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend-I implore you to watch this show, which like Jane the Virgin, uses off-putting stylistics. But boy oh boy does it have a genuine heart, a radical approach to diversity, and truly catchy songs. Rachel Bloom did get nominated forĀ  a Golden Globe so I’m hoping that the second season is secure.

5. UnReal-pure pleasure. This is plotting done right: moving briskly but not slamming you over the head with surprises.

6. The Leftovers-Skip the first season, but the second season is premium tv gold. They had me from the Iris Dement song during the credits, and the season (which just ended) is a perfectly constructed poem to BIG IDEAS.

7. Mad Men-It is boring to say, but the last season was perfect. Surprising, satisfying, with images that will stay with me forever.

8. Outlander-duh

9. Mr. Robot-It had problems, but man did this show colonize my brain this summer. Particularly Rami Malek’s performance.

10. I’m running out of room! So let’s just assume you know how I feel about Playing House and Silicon Valley and reserve this spot for Being Mary Jane on BET. This will get its own post soon, but I just discovered this show which started last year (it’s all on Netflix). A preview of my review: the fact that every think-piece about race on TV does not mention this show demonstrates that white audiences and critics only care about people of color when they encroach onto white networks.

Honorable mentions: Jessica Jones (less plot, more Luke please!), Homeland (we just keep stumbling along together), Catastrophe (make me more episodes and I’ll put you on my list), The Good Wife (the lack of a divorce is becoming a major impediment to the show), Master of None (you were great, just not steal-my-heart great), Game of Thrones (You assembled the Daenerys squad, so why won’t you let us enjoy them?), Girls (finally giving us Fran makes up for a lot), Fargo (I know you are good, but ZZzzzz), Better Call Saul (the one show I can’t get on any of my streaming sites), sketch comedy and high quality animated shows (I can’t watch you alone).


Some important holiday updates

  1. Goop Mrkt has opened in NYC! That’s right, the woman who couldn’t put enough vowels in her brand is pulling back. She has eliminated all vowels to demonstrate her thriftyness. WHAT WILL I BUY THERE? Here are my top ideas: a square pinky ring with D engraved on it (because then I could press it into my meatloaves and brand everything!), a silver ombre ring set (also good for punching things), or a Sunday in Santa Monica Goop Candle (because I assume this smells like the inside of Gwyneth’s . . . who knows? Home? Gym Bag? Who cares?). I have also just listed three things under $200, which was hard. So really what I will be buying is the experience, which I might try and get W. to document.
  2. Everyone still needs the Lorac ProPalette. I’ve included this link for my husband because I’m not sure he was aware that Sephora doesn’t sell it.
  3. Everything’s the worst, all I really want for Christmas is a god damned job, Jessica Jones had too many episodes, and Lena Dunham’s newsletter Lenny bores me. So let’s think about the only bright light in a very dark world:



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